Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly

Reports 2024

25th February 2024. 

Dear Members,

Welcome to 2024 and we know it’s far too late to say Happy New Year.  We hope you have all managed to keep your feet dry over the last few extremely rainy days. Anyone who has visited Park Wood recently will know just how much water flows through after heavy rain, and if you take a look on our Facebook page you will see some great photos of the streams in full flood, courtesy of committee member Carrie.  We are hoping to put together a “years” worth of new photographs, so if you have any please send them to  You know how it is in the wood, all of a sudden we get the most amazing flora and fauna appearing out of the ground and it would be fabulous to capture some new shots of these for both our social media and also website.   

The Environment Agency are busy in Park Wood at the moment and some paths are closed while they undertake coppicing work to rejuvenate some previously coppiced areas. The wood which they remove will be used in flood protection along the Ouse, and the brash will be bundled and utilised by the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust.

We are still planning volunteer sessions in Park Wood, and are currently working on a safegaurding policy as required by the EA if they are to allow us to run sessions ourselves. We move slowly closer to completing everything the EA require from us in order to run these sessions. 

Something else that we are discussing at the moment, is whether or not we should renew the status of ACV to Park Wood. Way back in 2017 when the campaign began, Hellingly Parish Council applied for the wood to be designated an  ‘Asset of Community Value’ which when granted by WDC gave a six month hold on the sale,  so any concerned local group could put together a bid for the wood. Although sale is no longer an immediate concern, the committee are considering if it would be sensible to re register (ACV registration is valid for five years) as in the event of a new sale, the group who applied for the ACV must be informed.  Any thoughts or comments on this from our members would be greatly received.  

You can find out about ACVs and what other assets are registered locally by going to Wealden District Councils website, or use the below link,

We hope you enjoy our newsletter, and we are always happy to hear from any of our members. You can email us at  

Best wishes

Sue McCallum,Joint Chair FoPWH.