Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly

The Woods Are Awarded an ACV, But What Is It?

In England, an asset of community value (ACV) is land or property of importance to a local community which is subject to additional protection from development under the Localism Act 2011.

Working in partnership with Hellingly Parrish Council, Park Wood through Wealden District Council has been awarded its ACV.

What does it mean? Now that Park Wood is listed as an ACV the current owners in this case The Envionment Agency have to relist the sale. This will then give Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly six months to put together a bid to buy it. Now it will take Community committment and teamwork to put together a bid. There are many opportunities ahead of the group in order to try to secure grants, funding and explore schemes for community ownership.

What we need now are Members. Click on our ‘Become a £10 Member‘ link at the top of this website for more information. Members will start off the fund and help with initial legal and administration costs. What we also need is a committed team of people who will deliver leaflets, raise awareness and bring PR, Marketing, Management, Administration skills to the group. If you want to get more involved just use the Contact Us form on this website.