Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly

Campaign Continues as Hellingly wood is named a community asset

A wood in Hellingly has been granted status as an Asset of Community Value this week with help from members of the public, but campaigners say the fight is not over. Friends of Park Wood organised a mass-walk through on August 12 to protest the sell-off of the land by the Environment Agency, and say they will continue their campaign to buy the wood. “We are absolutely thrilled,” said Paul Rees, who orgnaised the walk. “This is a massive boost and buying the land is now a realistic prospect.”

The Environment Agency said they recognised the site was of value to the community, but money from the sale would go back to the Government “to be spent where the need is greatest.” Friends of Park Wood fear a private owner would make the 152 acres of mixed deciduous woodland less pleasant for families and dog-walkers among others.

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Published: 12:27 Tuesday 22 August 2017