Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly

Secrets of Park Wood, Hellingly. WW2 at The Kings Head, Horsbridge, 29th November 2017

EventĀ  report
Our ‘Secrets of Park Wood’ event was a great success. A huge thank you to Stuart Angell and Peter Hibbs for hosting for us and teaching us all so much about Hellingly and Park Wood before and during WW2.

In the Woods itself Stuart showed us slides of a dugout he was able to re-excavate, it would have been used in the event of an invasion by a small group of local men, part of a secret British Resistance home gaurd operation in place around the coastal area. The same teams were tasked with infiltrating our own defences to test security measures.

Stuart and Peter gave us a lot more information than I can write here and Stuart has a book available ‘Secret Sussex Resistance’ if you want to know more.

If you have any stories, pictures or items from the troops in Hellingly or the woods please get in touch, Stuart and Peter welcome any new information.