Friends Of Park Wood Hellingly

Update on the sale of Park Wood

Following a meeting a couple of weeks ago the Environment agency agreed to suspend the sale of the Park Wood and to look into either leasing the woods to us or having it professionally valued and selling it to us. Both of these options have their good and bad aspects and will still require a certain amount of fundraising, not least for legal costs, but I hope you will agree that this is amazing news and offers some hope for everyone’s continued use and access to this beautiful (if somewhat muddy at the moment) ancient woodland.

All credit to our hardworking team who have devoted a lot of time and energy to this so far and also thanks to the Environment Agency particularly Russell Long our local rep, who have so far been very helpful and open with us.

Now we have to wait for some wheels to turn within the environment agency and hope they come back to us soon with a mutually workable plan. The group are now busily putting together plans for fundraising, researching the management of woodland and keeping our profile high to bring in support. Keep those fingers crossed,